Make Ups: If your child misses Drills due to extenuating circumstances, the student may attend a class during the same week or during the upcoming week. If this is not possible, the student forfeits the class. Notice must be given if the student is not going to be able to attend their regularly scheduled drill session. If notice is not given then there will not be any make-ups allowed.

Weather: Our program is based on 16 drill sessions per month. Because of calendar month discrepancies, some months may contain 15 sessions while others 18. With this in mind, there will not be any make-ups unless weather requires the cancellation of two or more drills in a given month. If you are signed up for two days a week you can come to 8 classes per month, three days per week are allowed 12 classes per month and the four days a week student can come to 16 classes for the month.

Billing: During the school year, mid-August through the end of May, you will be billed for Drills in advance on a monthly basis. For example, you will receive a bill and or statement for November Drills in October. All payments are due by the 5th of each month. If payment isn't paid by the 10th, you will charged a finance fee. Holiday months (December & March) you're bill will be prorated, due to a short training schedule. During the Summer, you will be billed on a weekly or a daily basis. The statement includes: 1. Upcoming month's Drills or previous days/week of Summer Camp 2. Private lessons that were not paid for at the time of service. 3. Pro Shop purchases 4. Travel Team, Tournament Fees and Weekend Camps. 5. Any past due balances from the previous month. 6. Late payment fee. After School Drills require a 30 day advance cancellation notice, if the student is Not attending Drills for a given month. If notice is NOT given, you will be responsible for the monthly Drill charge. All parents are required to have a credit card on file. If invoice/statement payment isn't received by the 10th a finance charge will be applied to your account.

Racquet Demos: The fee is $3 per day per racquet with a three-day limit and you amt check out up to three racquets at a time. Demo Fees paid up to $50.00 may be applied to the purchase of any New Adult Racquet  purchased within 60 days of starting Demo Program. Racquets kept beyond three days are subject to a Late Fee if $5 per day per racquet. Late Fees are NOT refundable and DO NOT apply to the purchase price of a new racquet. Demo Racquets that are not returned within 10 days will be charged to the customer's credit card at Full Retail Price and are NOT REFUNDABLE OR RETURNABLE.  

Ball Machine: The ball machine can be rented by the day or by the month. The daily 1 - hour fee is $15 or the monthly 1 - hour per day fee is $50 for an individual or $75 per family.

Court Reservations: Courts can be reserved 7 days in advance for our members, but you must be on the court no later than 15 minutes. Otherwise, you forfeit your court. The following events/programs have court priorities in ranking order from highest to lowest. The order is: Lessons (Group or Privates), Leagues, Special Events, Tournaments, Reservations and then open or walk-in play.

Private/Group Lessons: There is a 24 - hour cancellation requirement for all lessons. This policy will be strictly enforced. If you cancel the lesson 24 hours in advance there will not be a charge. Greater than 12 hours, but less than 24 hours you will be charged 50% of the normal fee. Less than 12 hours the charge will be 100% of the normal rate.