Alabama's Court Elite

The Program

The Academy's Jr. Development Program is designed for all players and runs throughout the year.  Our focus is for those who have decided to dedicate themselves to achieving their fullest potential in the sport of tennis.  The following are the basic elements of our program:

  • After School Drills run from Mid-August through the end of May
  • Mental training sessions
  • Fitness is incorporated into all drills.  A home fitness program can be designed for each student.
  • Local tournament coaching is free at the required local tournaments.
  • Travel Team - We will travel to selected state, sectional and national tournaments. Coaching, lodging, transportation, food, and chaperones will be provided at a set fee.
  • Private lessons: Directors: $75 per hour and $40 per half-hour Staff Pros: $60 per hour and $30 per half-hour.  If you do not have a private coach, we strongly suggest that you acquire a coach through the Academy's Staff in order to accelerate your child's progress.
  • Pre-Nationals, Pre-Qualifying, Pre-Southern camps will take place before all major tournaments. This service is a separate cost from Academy monthly drill fees.
  • Weekend Developmental camps are held throughout the school year.
  • Summer Camps begin the first week of June and run the first week of August.
  • The Pro Shop offers stringing, racquets, clothing, accessories, and shoes.  Special orders are welcome.
  • Novice and Ranked USTA Tournaments for all levels of players.
  • Video Analysis