Private Video Analysis

Video Analysis

There is often a fine line between winning and losing. Because you are here at this site, it is apparent that you what to be in the winner's circle. Our analysis allows you to become incredibly focused on  every detail that may make the difference between victory or defeat. With each video lesson, you will receive an in-depth break down of your particular stroke and a CD that you can study at home. It is an invaluable tool that will rapidly take your game to the next level.  

There are four ways in which a student learns:

1. Seeing (Visual)

2. Feeling (Kinesthetic)

3. Hearing (Audio)

4. Understanding (Digital Logic)

All people use different degrees of these four processess, but for most visual and kinesthetic are the most dominant. The visual learning process is the strongest from ages 8 to 12.  

For a video lesson call 205-835-8657.

Rate: $125.00 per lesson